Man, took too much endone. 15mg and I was off me trolley. Rather pleasant really. Wouldn’t do it again though.

I had a bad stomach pain. So first of all I had 5mg tablet. Didn’t do anything. So then took a 10mg an hour and a half later. Nothing much happened for about 1.5 hours but then I went all vague.

I was wacked for 3 or 4 hours. 

On the mend

My general ‘wellness’ is on the up. Energy levels  improving and appetite getting back to normal. 

Still a few gut problems but that too is going OK. 

Still have another week in here though. I do NOT want to repeat this again! Better safe than sorry. Or in this case very ill. 

I have lost 8kg and a lot of muscle tone, fitness, etc. Nothing which can’t be fixed with some patience and exercise. 

Fluid restrictions 

I am limited to 1.2l of fluid a day. Boring. Something about lowish sodium level. 

I never used to like ice and water. Now I can’t get enough of it! Love the stuff. Can’t wait until fluid restrictions end. Might treat myself to a bucket of of ice and water. 

Hospital life

So what is it like in here day to day?

7am – breakfast arrives. A couple of wheatbix. A pile of pills. I usually sleep in due to lack of sleep and eat at 9am. 

9am – special snack trolley for ward c6. I get a sustagen 250ml for extra nutrition as the food is shite. I need the extra nutrition to keep my calories and protein intake up. 

10am – snooze after a bad night sleep. Shower when I wake up. 

Doctors come around sometime in the morning for a chat. 

12 – lunch. Usual slop. I have an up&go instead as the hospital food is inedible. Maybe two up&go. Some more meds. 

Afternoon- maybe get up or snooze again.  Bored by now. Started doing a programming course on iPhone programming now though. 

2pm – trolley again. Another sustagen. 

5pm – dinner. More hospital slop. More up&go drinks to replace the slop. More meds. 

7pm – trolley again. Another sustagen. 

Evening – watch a movie or old tv show on my MacBook. Or do nothing if I am in pain. 

10pm – bed.

After midnight is the worst as my stomach really acts up at night making sleep really hard. I usually have some pain relief a couple times at least each night during the last week. 

Observations are taken every 4 hours over 24 hours.  So at 8am, 12, 4pm, etc. Bloods are taken at 4am in the morning so that means I am woken at 4am if I like it or not.

Sleep deprivation is the worst in this place. Followed by boredom. 

Bone marrow biopsy 

Had my bone marrow biopsy today. All went OK. Had a nice chat to my regular nurses etc in the biopsy room as they were doing the biopsy. A jolly good wheeze.

They give me IV valium as the sedative and phenatnyl for pain relief.  Very relaxing. 

Now to see what the results are in a week. 

Still here

GVHD of my stomach still requires me to keep getting IV steroid. Sigh, another week. 

Had a shocking amount of pain last night but feeling quite good today. 

In hospital again

Back in hospital due to GVHD. Actually left too early as it turns out. They should have kept me in for another 7 days to get the GVHD under control rather then release me so soon.

Feel ok except for the GVHD in my gut. A bit painful at times.

I can go outside etc so i am not trapped in my room this time.

Hopefully resolves soon and I come out in better condition.


The endoscopy biopsy discovered GVHD (refer to Wikipedia for the deets). So now they now what is causing all the trouble.
Prednisone (a steroid) will fix all GVHD problems apparently. So my diarrhoea, skin rash, temperatures, lethargy, red eyes etc should see some return to some shade of normality over the next 5 days.
What a relief. It was very hard work maintaining some form of sanity through the last 4 weeks.


Had constant nausea the last week. Took a little while to find the right antiemetics. Feeling OK now. Nothing much else happening, just waiting.
Will update when something happens.

Gut ache

Every time I eat I get a gut ache, my stomach bloats up and I feel sick. The feed bag does not do this so I will see if they can feed me through my nose from now on.

Stem cells

Had them this morning through my PICC line. It is defrosted in a water bath and then it goes straight into me. Nothing else to report as it was uneventful. Obviously it is a big event but it does not do anything obvious for a few weeks.