Shit day

Yesterday was a crap day. I had an antihistamine for my drug reaction on my skin and it left me zonked for the entire day.  I kept falling asleep on my bed which ruined my whole pattern I set up. Normally I would get up and move around during the day to keep active and watch a few old episodes of the Daily Show, read, etc. Yesterday this was all disrupted.  I lay under the covers and my temperature was off more than usual all day and I was just feeling off, mentally and physically.  I then suffered when I tried to go to bed later that night. I ended up feeling overwhelmed by everything and got very emotional. Eventually I relaxed a bit by walking up and down the corridor at 2am for 5 – 10 minutes to unwind. Fortunately the walk helped and I felt more relaxed and was able to have a sleeping tablet and promptly fell asleep. What a relief!

Today I have resumed my normal behaviour and am out of bed doing stuff. No antihistamine either, never touching that shit again.

More platelets today and a tiny bit more activity from my white cells.